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    DFW cable branch box series

    Oroduct Overview

    ZHE JIANG BOGUANG ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been committed to product quality control and enterprise management "manufacturing high-quality goods, integrity service" is always our commitment to the customer. The company produces crystal sales of customers is the main power supply bureau, the company (hereafter called sacsc), mechanical and electrical equipment company, best-selling domestic provinces and cities autonomous regions, many times by the national key factory, export Europe and Africa southeast Asia etc, in use process to get the user high praise!


    DFW series high-pressure electric cable tap boxes, is widely used in 35kV, 25kV, node 1 k0V cable system of connection, is cable carry out pooled with the tap of main electrical device from the after the switch is cabinet qualify. Tap box of cable joints use high-grade insulated of imported rubber tight-coated insulated, no bare charged body; with switch tap box of switches are adopt SF6 insulated load switch.

    DFW tap box is designed as outdoor maintenance-free run, safe, reliable, its protection grade amounted to IP33, underground sub-joints can be resistant to flood submergence-dip. The product is widely used in urban industrial district, residential quarters, commercial center, mining area and iron and steel, automobile, petroleum, chemical industry, cement and other large enterprises as well as distribution network other occasions of, especially suitable for urban power grid renovation project, can greatly save the electrical equipment and electric cable investment, improve power supply reliability.

    DFW series cable tap box has a the following characteristics

    Compact ◆ Structure, small footprint, easy to install, easy to operate, maintenance-free.

    ◆ box body all for the metal steel plate or a stainless steel plate, thickness for the 2mm, adopt anti-corrosion design and special paint treatment, reliable in harsh environments run (life expectancy ≥30 years).

    ◆ outdoor all-weather, whole protective structure, suitable for high temperature, severe cold, floods soak, high dust the geographical.

    ◆ Full sealed, fully insulated structure, no need to insulation distance, high-voltage live portion of all for Silastic or EPDM prefabricated-type cable connector, effectively guarantee the personal safety.

    ◆ flexible's a combination of allows the qualifying the number of branches reach seven road, can be composed of ring network power supply with the SF6 load switch, and fully meet a variety of wiring requirements.

    ◆ cable joint can be used as switch, belt load-swappable, open breaking 200A load current.

    After the ◆ Installation fault indicator, can be quickly detection circuit fault

    ◆ one-time investment small, reducing the cable length, does not account for building area of, save money.

    Note DFW series cable tap boxes used by of cable joints in line with lEEE386 standards. All cable connectors applicable Yu cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables. Of which 200A cable joint electric cable cross-section for the 35mm2-185mm2 of electric cable; 600A cable joint Applicable cable cross-section for the 25mm2-500mm2 of cable.

    Branch electric company to provide special to solve the scheme according to to customer special requirements. More details, please contact me company.

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