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    American cable distribution boxes

    Oroduct Overview

    ZHE JIANG BOGUANG ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been committed to product quality control and enterprise management "manufacturing high-quality goods, integrity service" is always our commitment to the customer. The company produces crystal sales of customers is the main power supply bureau, the company (hereafter called sacsc), mechanical and electrical equipment company, best-selling domestic provinces and cities autonomous regions, many times by the national key factory, export Europe and Africa southeast Asia etc, in use process to get the user high praise!


    Gas supply company American cable distribution boxes, with its excellent performance, standardized design, beautiful appearance, widely used in cable distribution network of cable systems engineering equipment, in the major industrial parks, residential areas, city densely populated areas, business center and high-rise buildings and other places generally recognized. It is a one-way door, horizontal multi-pass busbar as the main features, with a small width, the combination of flexibility and significant advantages fully insulated, sealed and so on. According to the rated current of 200A can generally be divided into two branches 600A main circuit and the circuit.

    600A main circuit using screw-bolt connection; 200A branch circuit using plug-in connectors and can plug with a load.

    Adapt to the environment

    ◆ Ambient temperature: maximum temperature: + 40 ℃, the lowest temperature of -30 ℃

    ◆ Phoenix Speed: Pretty 34m / s (not more than 700Pa)

    ◆ Humidity: said average relative humidity of not more than 95% of the average monthly relative humidity less than 95%

    ◆ shock: horizontal acceleration little child O.4m / s "vertical acceleration is not greater than 0.15m / s2

    ◆ tilt installation site: less than 30

    ◆ Installation Environment: ambient air should not be obviously polluted corrosive, flammable gas, vapor, etc., the installation site without severe shock

    Please consult with the Company when ordering this product beyond the above specified conditions: Note.

    Technical parameters

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