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    10KV outdoor high-voltage switching station

    Oroduct Overview

    ZHE JIANG BOGUANG ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been committed to product quality control and enterprise management "manufacturing high-quality goods, integrity service" is always our commitment to the customer. The company produces crystal sales of customers is the main power supply bureau, the company (hereafter called sacsc), mechanical and electrical equipment company, best-selling domestic provinces and cities autonomous regions, many times by the national key factory, export Europe and Africa southeast Asia etc, in use process to get the user high praise!


    Gas supply company produces 10kV high voltage switching station, with its excellent performance, standardized design, beautiful appearance, widely used in various industrial parks, residential areas, densely populated cities, highways, railways and other places. It is a one-way or three-way door, looks can be color steel or environmental landscape, stainless steel and other materials, with a combination of flexible, functional and other significant advantages. Can be combined into a vacuum breaker plus SF6 Ring Main Units, or all using sulfur hexafluoride RMU, can realize remote control, remote, telemetry and other functions, the box has IP33 protection grade, water-resistant performance .

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